For me the photography is the way to express emotions and feelings that I see in others and which I experience. Spiritual experiences are for me a very important part of life. Their range is huge and therefore very interesting to discover. I often realize how much unknown emotions are dormant inside me. I like to search, explore and observe them in others and in myself. Photography is a way of capturing those important moments. An image can show what for an eye is often unnoticeable. A photography can also keep those emotions and situations for longer, better know them, just stay with them. However, the zone of feelings is in my opinion a very delicate area, and that's how in my work I try to treat it.

For several years, I’ve been doing my projects with an analogue camera. It require from me a greater focus in the images, cropping and more attention to the world around me, the emotions and feelings. Analog camera, with a corresponding film, which is always carefully selected by me on a given subject, it seems to be a link of emotions. Feelings of the world pass through the film and go to me. I'm always taking pictures of the side, watching from a distance. I do not want my camera or me stir in the sea of experiences and thus to influence them or disturb. So the emotions in my work are so "clean", honest. Thanks to this they are also perceptible for the recipient of my projects.

In my work I always try to take a straight shot. I don’t crop photos back in computer programs, rarely doing any retouching. I like the pictures as they are, "straight from the camera." Then I know that emotions written on them are true, are such which I witnessed. My frames are simple in the form, the less the picture shows, the more understandable and accessible the sensations and feelings are. The work on each project requires from me a great emotional involvement. Therefore, I never plan how long it will last. I know that my work is done, when I feel surfeit of emotions and feelings. Then I am sure that the project is complete.

I'm not looking at my work for any solutions to human problems, I don’t comment or judge. I just want to draw attention to the world of feelings. When people watch my pictures, I would like them to discover the emotions and thus themselves, because the emotions means us, people.

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