"... and be quiet because I put on my new mask."

The reality between the people is a theater which shaped the actors – people by the role played by them in life. Even Shakespeare noted: “All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.”

It is very common in today's world to wear the comfortable masks depending on the situation. Sometimes it is hard to not put a mask and pretend to be someone completely different, someone who you really want, but you can’t really be. We have many masks - roles in our life. Players want to be identified by others with the character played by them. But mostly the actor plays for himself. He wants to see himself like that, which he plays in the show. Character he plays seems to him better than himself. After some time, no one longer knows who is real and who founded the mask and play.

The masks are created very long and arduous. Appends a piece by piece until a goal is achieved. Labels that person sticks to itself, or stick by other people might initially hurt, sting, cause, pain... However, when the layer is large enough – it’s not as painful. When the glue dries, you have already prepared a mask. You can tear it in one motion, or peel off slowly... but such a procedure can be painful. There is also a risk that what is under the hood is far from ideal. So many never take off their masks. We never know who is with the mask and who is without it.

Is there anyone who is brave enough to see what is hidden behind the masks - forms? Who will take the risk of releasing the tight rules, social norms, tight walls?


Each of us, adults, was a child once. Then again, we, adults, treat kids just like something else – strangers or creatures from another planet.

Children have their own world, much different from that of us, adults. These is turn mold children to adjust to their way of life.

Will you play with me? is a question which adults hear from children very often. Can we play? Can we come together in their world? Do we have the courage, the ability and the willingness to do this? To be in their world means to be here and now, without duty, social norms or masks that we put on every day. The world of children is a world of real and honest emotions. A world where one feel free. Children do not persuade themselves into the right and wrong. They work intuitively.

Let us live for a moment without thinking about the past and planning the future. Let us be present in the present, all by ourselves. Even if for a while. Even if only in a game.


... and if we could look for the moments, situations, objects, which at first glance, you cannot see? Look for traces of humans, animals, beings ... Stop the time between what you just saw and what may soon happen. Colorful balloon, clumsy crab, departing subway or lonely bird. They tell us as much as we want to see, read and can imagine.

Project “Traces” is a record of snapshots of city life. Archetypal City, a city in many places on the map. This is a record of quiet reflection of the person who sees life a little bit on the side. Observer. Viewer. The non-willing participant.

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Cities are created by humans. On the other hand, cities as places, participate in the upbringing and shaping the attitudes of their inhabitants. Many cities are still waiting for action and change. The result is not only stagnation and devastation of spaces but also of people. Residents of such cities are waiting as well.
Because of waiting they may miss their chances. But it can also be an opportunity to take a reflection on the decisions we make in life. We always have a choice between action and activity or passivity, and still waiting.
Snapshots of Lodz is an attempt to capture the moments when the city is waiting, is in abeyance, immobility. What will happen later is up to us.

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